Cooper’s Crossing Residents’ Association

Westmark’s vision was to create a premier community in Airdrie that exemplified the highest standard of quality in architectural features, parks design, and social connection.

Westmark’s vision to create an exceptionally beautiful community that remains aesthetically appealing for generations to come, and where neighbors feel a strong sense of community, was the impetus to create a Resident’s Association.

Residents’ Association General Enquiries

For inquiries regarding Residents’ Association Fees contact Astoria Asset Management

The Cooper’s Crossing Residents’ Association (CCRA) is a private, not-for-profit corporation registered under the Alberta Companies Act, is governed by Articles of Association and has a board of directors elected by the residents of Cooper’s Crossing to represent the community’s interests.

The members of the CCRA Board work to ensure the community’s parks, greenspaces and amenities are maintained to high standards. Equally important is the Association’s role in building community. While the meandering parks and pathways that link every corner of Cooper’s Crossing allow neighbors to meet and interact informally, the Association also hosts community events to bring neighbors together, to have fun and to create a sense of community connection.

A community newsletter, social media accounts and a website help residents to connect with their community.

The Cooper’s Crossing Residents’ Association is building a friendly, safe and caring community where neighbours gather for community events and create friendships that will last for generations.