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It’s a family name. The Cooper family settled this land in 1892 and farmed it for over 100 years. With a history of community service, the Cooper family was instrumental in helping Airdrie become the great city it is today. We chose to name our community to honour this family and their roots on this land.

Yes, the Reynolds Collection is located within the community of Cooper’s Crossing. WestMark – the Cooper’s Crossing developer – purchased this land from the Reynolds family. The Reynolds family farm was located on what is currently Cooper’s Town Promenade. The Promenade features the Reynolds Clock Tower and the streets in this newer area of Cooper’s Crossing bear the name Reynolds to honour the homesteaders of this land.

At Westmark, it is our intention to maintain a high standard of exterior architectural appearance throughout Cooper’s Crossing. Homebuyers, designers, and builders all work together to create aesthetically pleasing and complimentary building forms throughout the neighbourhood. We implement architectural control to create a total, well-designed look to a subdivision and to co-ordinate the endeavours of several builders operating in the area.

Creation of a pleasant environment for family living is the principal purpose of instituting development guidelines in any subdivision. The visual appearance and physical placement of individual houses and corresponding inter-relationships of adjacent groups of houses are of the utmost importance in achieving this environment.

Application of the best design principles within a subdivision will benefit all – both the builder through improved marketability and also the homeowner with better livability and appreciation of real estate values.

WestMark, the developer of Cooper’s Crossing, values community and understands the importance of building strong relationships amongst neighbours. To maintain these values, the Cooper’s Crossing Residents’ Association (CCRA) was formed in 1999. This Association was one of the first of its kind in Airdrie and remains active today. The CCRA was developed to foster a strong sense of community and to ensure the community’s amenities would be cared for in order to maintain the aesthetically pleasing design of the neighbourhood and property values in the community.

When you purchase a home in Cooper’s Crossing, you automatically belong to the Cooper’s Crossing Residents’ Association (CCRA). As a condition of purchase, every homeowner in Cooper’s Crossing is obligated to pay annual fees to the CCRA. The mandatory annual fees are stipulated in an encumbrance registered against the title of each lot sold in Cooper’s Crossing.

In 2023 the CCRA fees for homes adjacent to public green-space (municipal reserve lands) were $75.00 including GST per year with all other residences paying a rate of $57.00 including GST per year. For more information visit the CCRA’s website.

In 2023 residences adjacent to public greenspace paid $75.00 including GST per year, with all other residences paying a rate of $57.00 including GST per year. These rates are subject to increase for inflation based on the annual consumer price index for the City of Calgary on January 1st of each year. Resident Association Fees are paid on an annual basis and are due in April of each year.

When planning Cooper’s Crossing, WestMark canvassed other communities to get feedback on whether the developer should control the style and colour of fencing; the overwhelming response was yes.

There is a permanent restrictive covenant registered against every lot in Cooper’s Crossing regarding fencing and sheds. This covenant is to ensure a consistent standard of fencing and sheds is maintained throughout the community and to reduce conflicts between neighbours over fencing along common property lines. (note: Phase 1 of Cooper’s Crossing is unique to the rest as the restrictive covenant did not include temporary structures – sheds).

Three types of fencing are used in Cooper’s Crossing: wood screen, chain link, and steel ornamental. The type of fencing and specifications for each lot are determined by the location of your lot and stipulated in a permanent restrictive covenant against all lots in our community.

The fencing covenant includes what types of fences can be built, and what colour they are painted/stained. For example, all wood screen fences (including those made of pressure treated wood) facing public space must be stained a specific colour. The exterior SOLID STAIN is available at Cloverdale Paints in Airdrie (Sharkskin-Solid Stain product #7240101/colour EX202) or at Airdrie Paint & Blinds (Arborcoat-Solid Stain/Colour EX202 on file in their system under “Cooper’s Crossing”).

“Facing public space” includes all lots that back onto a lane, park, or pathway, as well as any fence that faces a street. Often people enclose their lots by installing a fence from the house to the side property line. This short fence section that faces the street needs to be painted regardless if this section is in line with the front of the house, is located midway down the property, or even if it is in line with the back of the house. If the fence is visible from the street when you are walking or driving by, it needs to be painted.

The shed covenant stipulates that all sheds must be constructed of the same materials and colours used in the construction of the home including but not limited to roof pitch, fascia, shingles, and exterior cladding. The covenant also specifies if your property is bordering onto park space the shed must not be placed within 3 meters of any property line adjacent to the park. As sheds can be highly visible, the covenant was established to maintain a high-quality appearance within the subdivision and to help protect property values. Effort should be made to place the shed on your property to have the least impact for your neighbour’s view. When possible, placing the shed beside the house in the side yard is preferable to placing the shed in the back yard.

Yes, there are six schools, including two elementary schools, within walking distance of Cooper’s Crossing. Schools include both separate and public from kindergarten to Grade 12.
School’s include:
– Cooper’s Crossing Elementary
– St. Veronica
– St. Martin de Porres High School
– WH Croxford High School
– Northcott Prairie School
– Windsong Heights School

Plenty! Cooper’s Crossing has been intentionally designed for you to live, play, and thrive here. Learn more about amenities in Cooper’s Crossing.

It is a 15-20 minute drive along Queen Elizabeth II Highway (Highway 2) from Cooper’s Crossing to the Calgary International Airport.